Hot rollers are a perfect way to learn how to curl your hair. They usually take your hair straight, cold, or unstyled and add body, life and handling skin to your hair.

You first dry the hair directly with a round brush and brush from the bottom of the hair while drying every part. You then apply voluminous mousse or styling gel to the ends to give it the boost you need.

Here is how to curl your hair through hot rollers or heatless hair curlers. Separate your hair into three sections and clip the other two sections with just one portion. Using a comb, take a 2-inch section from the top of your hair and fasten it to ensure that you’re free of nodes or enclosures. Sprinkle a gentle hair spray to ensure that it remains in place.

You pick a roller and fitting pin after you have made sure your rollers are hot enough. Place the roller approximately 1 1⁄2 “above the section end, and wrap around the roller the bottom of the strand. Now you have curled your hair and can wait until the instructions on the hot wheel tell, or you can improvise to try out different quantities of curls.

Advanced technology

If you want to curl your hair with spiral curls, after spraying the hairspray you want to twist your hair prior to rolling it down, so that it is as tight or as loosely as you want to, so that you have spiral curls when the rolls fall out.

curl your hairA great tip for curling your hair is to place just a small hair ribbon on each roller. So many hair will not let the roller curl the hair.

You will then begin by putting the roller at the end of your hair strand. Wrap the bottom of the hair around the roller and roll it up the hair strand. Clip the roller in place with the clips included in the box.

Continue on both sides with the rest of the hair. Here are some tricks on how to curl your hair with hot rollers.

Second, you want to make sure the hair is totally dry or almost dry before you start. You will want to give yourself enough time to keep your hair 2 to 4 hours in the rollers. This means that your hair coils correctly and you look completely fantastic.