If you keep a pencil at the outer corner of your eye against the side of your nose, the tail of your eyebrow must end on the pencil. You can try easy ways to shape your eyebrows.

It can be difficult to easy ways to shape your eyebrowsperfectly formed eyebrow particularly if you have tall, long or sparse hair. False hair will leave a gap on your brows or patch, which takes months to fill depending on the growth rates of your eyebrow.

There are also suggestions for forming the eyebrow to prevent injuries. The first is that your eyebrows never wax. Wax does not provide the precision necessary in the eyebrow region and a small spilled wax can accidentally remove a large chunk of your brows. Instead, have your brows professionally threaded or use tweezers of good quality or form your arch by rushing with a razor while making your own brows.

Another rule to shape your eyebrows is not to remove hair from the top of your brows. The direction of eyebrow growth means that the removal from the top leads to irregular eyebrow patches. Shape your ark from below rather than slowly. Use a white eyeliner to mark your form, and work slowly to remove just a few hairs a day. Excessive plucking could lead to an exaggerated arch and shock for months.

long eyebrow hair

If you have long eyebrow hair which doesn’t want to stay, brush your eyebrow hair in the direction of your natural growth and use a small pair of scissors, cut the hair along the eyebrow contours. Take care to cut one hair at a time. Cutting large pieces of hair at a time will lead to uneven hair patches.