The disclosure rules are pretty simple on Sophie Faldo.

  1. I am sent complimentary products regularly in my role both as a beauty writer and blogger.
  2. I use deep links via an affiliate site (Affiliate Windows/Reward Style) on some posts which means that should you buy via that link I will receive a small percentage of that sale. I occasionally use Affiliate Links in on Twitter.. these are clearly marked *AL.
  3. I do not, and never have, posted positive reviews in exchange for product or other incentives. If a post is sponsored it will be clearly marked as such.
  4. There is absolutely nothing that guarantees a positive review. Products are reviewed as I find them. I do not accept sponsorship or advertising on products that I have nothing positive or useful to say about. I turn down more requests for sponsorship and advertising than I accept.
  5. I accept a limited amount of advertising in my side bar – these are carefully selected by me for appropriateness to the Sophie Faldo audience.
  6. I do not make any charges to organically review, photograph, Tweet, Vine or Instagram beauty products.
  7. If I am away, posts are scheduled. Otherwise, they are almost exclusively written and posted in real-time.
  8. While the Sophie Faldo site needs to make revenue in order for me to blog more and write for main stream print less, the over-riding remit of Sophie Faldo is be a place of honesty and integrity for people who love beauty to feel secure that what they read is a genuine and useful product review.
  9. As part of Sophie Faldo and my past experience in the beauty realm as a journalist, buyer, reviewer and consumer, I offer a consultancy service to brands and agencies for which I charge a fee.
  10. As an update to recent concerns about what a ‘consultancy’ means, it can mean working on creative ideas for product development, advising a brand on how to work within the social space or even something as simple as helping to generate ideas.