There are many ways you can look curly. Although some take longer than others take, and has its own unique style.

You have a variety of choices if you are looking for ways to get natural curly hair at home. Some forms are better than others, but the direction you go depends mostly on the style of hair and the look you look for. You would need normal curlers, hot curlers, iron curlers, products to bring out your natural curl depending on the type of curl you want.

If you want a more permanent alternative, you can obtain a permit. While you can buy a handful of at-home kits, you should still spend extra money on stylists. Since strong chemicals are required to burn your skin, it is better to air on the side of precaution. You can also take into account the harm a perm can do to your hair.

A curling iron will produce a similar result, but it can be boring to repeat the process every day. You can adjust the design depending on the barrel size you select and the length you keep it to the sun. If you want to get awesome, among others, you can play with spiral curls.

If you want to make heatless curls at home, try your hair to see how much natural curling you can produce. Brush out your hair when you get out of the tub. Then dry it when crimping naturally. Work in some curl moose as you scrunch your hair. Let your hair dry for around 10-20 minutes, then lock your look with hair spray. Don’t use too much, or the hair gets too stiff. You can also apply curl-inducing gel after the moose, but don’t use too much or weigh the curls down.

scrunch your hair

Finally, use a diffuser upside-down and keep your hair in the cup for a couple of minutes, from the ends to the roots. Try to not blow the air quickly and move the diffuser around, the less you move the curls the better. Flip over your hair, lean back into the diffuser and repeat on either side of your head. The hair doesn’t have to be 100% dry at this point, because after spreading, it may air slightly dry. Enjoy your new hair now, when everyone asks you how lucky you are with such beautiful bubbling curls!