Super straight hair isn’t what’s hot in hair style anymore. Body, bounce and texture are returning. If you and your hair do not get these characteristics naturally, you will need help with this look-help from a curling iron. Before buying a curling iron, there are some things to think about to use a curling iron with a clamp.

Size: Do you want to give your hair tight curls or looser waves? The size of the iron that you buy defines the style that your hair will offer. Larger barrels of irons give loose waves to your hair. Smaller cask curling iron makes it narrow curls. The thumb rule is the wider the barrel, the more curls are loosened.

Hair type: Remember your hair type when looking at iron with heat control and variability. It can handle hair up to 180 ° if your hair is normal. Wavy, curly, dense or coarse hair needs to be styled from 180 ° to 200 °.

If your hair is fragile or thin, nothing more than a 150 ° heat capacity is required. Moreover, if your hair is allowed, colored, or harmed, you can choose to heat your hair slightly lower so that you do not harm your hair any further.

Features: Look for one with an indicator light when heated. Check also for an iron curling with a cool tip – this will help you to manage your finger more without burning. A pivoting cord also makes maneuvering around the head easier.

Type:  Brush / hot air curling iron is perfect for fine or thin hair – not for coarse, curly or wavy hair. When painting a curling iron, spring barrels are what most of us think of – they are ordinary, simple and have ergonomic clamp handles that easily design the ringlets.

curling wavesMarcel’s grips are more complicated and should be left to experts with hair styling unless you want to spend time practicing without stuck. Spiral irons create narrow curls – they don’t create waves. Triple barrel curling waves, not curls, make waves. Dual products act as iron curling and flat iron and are suitable for all styles of hair.

Price:  Although cheaper varieties do not necessarily mean better, they only last a short time, while high quality irons with robust heating elements last longer and make them more affordable.