As there are no sebaceous glands in the lip tissue, the lips suffer from moisture failure. When the temperature drops sharply, particularly in winter, lips often become dry and inflamed. You should follow certain basic ways to protect lips from cold weather.

Your lips should be moisturized every day and at night. Purchase some balsam or lip care sticks and let one of them be at your house, the second in your bag and one more in your pocket.

As far as balsams are concerned, glycerin, petrochemical goods, alcohol or menthol should be avoided before the summer. They are going to dry your delicate lip tissue.


In winter, decorative lipstick, particularly the permanent means, would be good to decline. Some components of lipstick mask the pores of the skin. Do not forget to put nourishing balsam on before the lipstick if you already have decorative lipstick on. This prevents dryness and exfoliation of your lips.

In winter, lip-glosses are recommended because many contain softening oils. In addition to their fabulous colors, your lips receive much care.

Apply scrub on your lips once a week. The one on your face suits perfectly. Here is an exemplary peeling recipes: mix 2 teaspoons with a half-spoon of sweet honey and rub the lips gently with the combination. You can massage your lips in place of honey and semolina with a gentle toothbrush. This treatment lets the lips get rid of their cells.

Your lips “First Help”

If you skip the moment your lips give you the first SOS signs, and they are already chapped or heavily peeled up, you must take immediate action to save them.

Buy some oily consistency facial cream. Spread some cream in the morning and in the night and let it get fully absorbed.

Forget about lipstick while your lips hurt! It will irritate the wounded surface of your lips.

Do not kiss your lips!-Do not lick your lips. It is easy to lose your lips’ bad habits by licking outdoors-just put some aloe juice on them before you go home.

Sweetheart, sour cream and olive oil mask will help you fight peeling on your lips and chaps. Mix all components in the same amount and spread the mixture over your lips for a few minutes. That’s it! That’s it!